Monday, 18 May 2009


Howdy? yes, first blog post on (how exciting) NOT. lol
thought I should start back a blog thing again, since Goose asked.
Some may remember me using Xanga & msnspace. (xanga's TAD better =P)
If I have time I may/may not, get back to it (doubt)
I'll try to post as frequent/regular as possible.
No promise to anything.
Didn't go to my lecture today. (again)
i'm such a slacker, its not even funny.
Though, every Monday I only have an 1 hour lecture and that's it.
This Monday was just about 'Planning assignment 3'
Hope I didn't miss any important info.
{ I just can't be bother going to lectures anymore, if its notcompulsory.}
[I haven't been to it since after the first week back...
I don't even have any friends in my lecture anymore, i think.. haha(kinda sad)
Not like i ever had any-lol]
+I can podcast at home, so what is the point ???
There isn't anyone/anything to look forward to.
- is it just me i sound uber emo- rofl

Life's?! Nothing but: workload/stress/ & go out on weekends.
[ From now to 7th July 7 assessments to be done]

--> Group presentation next week- 28th May – 40% 1PM
--> BAHP client assess reflective paper – 8th June – 10% 4PM
--> Essay – 19th June – 50% 12PM
--> Human body 1 – 23rd June - 60% - 2PM
--> BAHP – 29th June – {3 hours)? – 40% - 9AM
--> Human body Journal 5%
--> Last assessment( I Think): Practical assess 20% - 7th July - 8.45AM

It's almost like living under a huge rock, that was dropped from above.
Get me out of it!! SAVE ME*

How I miss High school....
Below what I get up to @ uni[Murder under the Microscope]
surprise with the quailty of the picture, from putting it close to the eyepiece. :)) EPIC WIN, GG. picture of fetus rat :)
Pretty awsome, if you ask me! BP taking :), Shat stethoscope! hehee

[Below] Tasty stuff! Which would you like to test? Choice of : Rose, Claret, Amber, Straw, Chardonnay, Dark Amber?mm... the taste of urine (?) lol

Haven't talked about my baby for awhile..

Sil-Sil taken 2007 on my birthdayPossibly end of 2008 ?

Procrastination fun:


Technically I'm procrastinating right now.
I've already wrote this blog earlier, but I forgot to save + clicked wrong button
better go, take it easy! Always, T XOXO

[Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.] - Josh Billings